Fact #132 I love brunettes.

Fact #131 Bob Ross really does put me in a much better mood

Fact #130 I get so overwhelmed by car feels and F1 feels during the F1 break ;_;

Fact #129 Sewing this cosplay is starting to frustrate me so much

Fact #128 I have never heard anyone mention privilege or say anything like “check ur privilege” until tumblr came along

do people actually do that 24/7 or is that just want tumblr makes me think

Fact #127 I hate when all nails are done the same except for one.

why even… that looks so dumb.

Fact #126 I like butts

Fact #125 I hate movie theatres.

For my 21 reasons why, they’re under the read more because of the large-ish height of the screenshots.

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Fact #124 sometimes I’ll have a sudden urge to listen to Space Oddity.

I don’t even listen to Bowie that often, and it will happen at the most random of times.

Fact #123 I have no intention of downloading the EC

Fact #122 People always seem to get me lotions, soaps, etc. for gifts on holidays and my birthday.

I wouldn’t have a problem with it exceptI already have far too many in my room.I don’t know how I’m ever supposed to use it all up. THERE’S SO MUCH LOTION.

Fact #121 I prefer the music from Twilight Princess over any other Zelda OST.

Sacred Grove, Queen Rutela’s Theme, and Faron Woods are my favourite songs.

Fact #120 Thigh-highs and garter belts are my weakness.

Fact #119 I like big boats, I cannot lie.

No really, I love boats, especially cutters, schooners and dhows. Sailboats are by far my favourite, but I really like other boats and ships too.

Fact #118 I hate those mullet dresses.